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Manufacturing fiber glass cooling towers 5 to 1,800 tons

Cooling towers produced by the company are designed to satisfy any need in different weather conditions and sizes and can be used from residential apartments to large industrial facilities. The company now is the largest producer and seller of fiberglass cooling towers with 13,000 working projects in Iran. Company`s cooling towers are produced by using high quality raw materials. The materials are mixed in different ways with automatic sizing and in special lanes with certain amounts, and are completely processed and cooked. Finally by using fiberglass injection machines and spraying on designed fiber glass molds, uniform high quality consistent products are made.

Designing and production of special fiber glass cooling towers

Parto Abgardan with expert engineers and designers and high producing abilities, designs and manufactures special cooling towers Including multi cell cooling towers, cooling towers over 1800 tons and specially designed cooling towers for use in refineries, industrial facilities and factories, offices and business buildings , according to the customer needs.

EPC projects

Parto Abgardan, with expert engineers for its projects, according to customer requirements, is able to design and plan mechanical systems, Select proper equipment and machines, installation and commissioning of all the parts. The benefits of EPC are as follows:

  1. speed andaccuracy
  2. Speeding up theprocess ofcompletion
  3. Reducing additionalcosts
  4. Providing theprecisecontrol systembetween chillersandcooling towers
  5. Control over chillercrystallization
  6. Improvingefficiencyandreducing costsbyadoptingtheequipments with each other
  7. Ensuring healthyoperation with longefficient life time by designing with precision and proper selecting of equipments

Advantages of Parto Abgardan products

Customers that purchase our company`s products can enjoy the benefits as follows:

  1. 2 to 5year warranty of all products
  2. 10 to 20yearafter sale services
  3. Fast and accurateproduction, installation, implementation and delivery
  4. Fast and full support of all products
  5. attractivedesignand freedom of choice overcolors
  6. High quality,low weight withnorust
  7. High efficiency and long life
  8. Saving water and electricity
  9. Subscription to the company’s monthly news letter

Free consultation

Parto Abgardan for establishing a broad network and improving professional procedure in the country, provides free consultation with its dear customers.

Educated and expert engineers of Parto Abgardan are ready to answer questions, review project information, provide technical information, practical solutions and professional ruses that helps to design and selection, development and implementation of the best equipment for its customers.


Parto Abgardan

Parto Abgardan is The first designer and producer of fiber glass cooling towers in Iran and Middle East with 35 years manufacturing experience with the name Aqua Loop in united states of America, started its activities in Iran in the year 1373. The company’s major products include cooling towers, absorption chillers, water treatment systems, fiber glass tanks, fiberglass pipes and other special fiber glass parts.

Parto Abgardan with expert and well trained personnel and technicians with a 25,000 square meters factory equipped with 18 production halls, uses all of its efforts to increase local high quality production.

Production line devices include chopper guns, vacuuming, hot rolling, molding, casting, fan making, blacksmithing and etc.

Parto abgardan due to its special features, abilities, designing and test facilities, also designs and produces special types of its products for special projects.

Parto Abgardan


35 years professional experience

Parto Abgardan is the first manufacturer of fiber glass cooling towers in Iran and the Middle East with more than 35 years professional experience in design and manufacturing fiber glass cooling towers. Parto Abgardan, with a history of more than 13,000 active and working projects in industrial facilities, educational and medicinal centers and residential complexes is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive manufacturers of air conditioning systems in Iran.


High Quality

Parto Abgardan, by use of excellent high quality raw materials with highly accurate manufacturing quality control system, ensures the high quality of products. In addition to on-site testing and inspection, all products are examined and measured with the performance test device in different working conditions and after making sure of the product`s performance, product will be sent to the customer.


Great Support and Services

In order to provide after-sales services and installation of the products, experienced and well trained technical teams, under the supervision of company`s engineers are ready to provide services across the country .The speed and accuracy of the service group, is one of the reasons for customers to have confidence in our company’s products. Parto Abgardan tries to provide the best after-sales services on a widespread network across the country.


Experienced and well educated staff

Parto Abgardan’s personnel consists of experienced engineers that are educated in Iran and America in doctoral, masters and bachelor degrees in mechanic, metallurgy, chemistry, industry and civil engineering and management.


Fast Production and delivery

Parto Abgardan with its professional manufacturing methods and the use of special equipments and devices, reduces the production time as short as possible and in most projects, the product delivery time is less than the agreed time.


Warranty All products

In addition to high quality production, finished products and parts produced by the company have 2 to 5 years warranty and 10 to 20 years after sales services.

Our Products

Fiber glass cooling towers

Fiber glass cooling towers is the company’s main product. It is a device that is used for cooling hot water or a fluid in the cooling process of air conditioning systems, power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities.
The company’s cooling tower types are Open circuit, closed circuit, multi cells and special designs in tonnage 5 to 1800 and these products are used in both industrial and ventilation systems.

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Fan Rings

Parto Abgardan’s Fan rings (Fan Bell) are multi-layered and produced with fiber glass. Special shape of these fan rings and their dimensional accuracy ensures efficient aerodynamic performance. Optimized implementation needs expertise and experience that is at the disposal of our company. Parto Abgardan is also ready to design and produce different types of fan rings. The equipment is then finished with color or dipped in hot galvanized coating according to customer`s requirements.

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Water treatment systems

Reverse osmosis is a modern technology of water purification process with the use of semi-permeable films. This technology is used for industrial and drinking purposes in devices and processes for physical elimination of ions and water-dissolved salts.
With the cooperation of foreign companies, Parto Abgardan`s Water purification systems are used for domestic, household, industrial and chemical purifications.

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