Fiber glass cooling towers

Cooling towers that produced by Parto Abgardan are designed to satisfy any needs in different weather conditions and sizes and can be used from residential apartments to large industrial facilities. The company now is the largest producer and seller of fiberglass cooling towers with 13,000 working projects in Iran. company`s Cooling towers are made from high quality raw materials. The materials are mixed together with Dosing methods or automatic sizing and in special lanes with certain amounts, then completely processed and cooked, finally by using fiber glass injection machines and Chopper guns sprayed on designed fiber glass molds results in a very high quality product that is completely uniform and consistent.

Cooling tower production line includes injection and fiber glass manufacturing machines unit, modeling, mold making, casting, fan making, blacksmithing and etc.

Our company`s Fans that used in cooling towers are from Advanced Super MB series and are made from special fiber glass in airfoil and hollow blade shapes that is the latest used technology in the world. These fans are very low weight, high strength and have changeable blade angles. With the use of this technology, we achieved the highest efficiency and minimum noise generated by cooling towers.

Parto Abgardan due to its special features, abilities, designing and test facilities, also designs and produces special types of its products for special projects.

Parto Abgardan’s superior technically specifications of cooling towers

  1. Fiber glass body of these towers are madewith the bestresins, special needle andwickerfibers(made inWestern Europe).
  2. Fiber glasstowers are quitestableandresistantagainstultravioletsolarradiation(UV)andweather conditionsvaryfromsummer to winter. becauseof its manufacturing and painting methods, Body color does not change with sun light (Color pigments are added to themixture offibersandresinsat the beginning ofthe manufacturing of the cooling tower`sbody when theresinsare stillin liquid form and then the body isproduced as self-colored)
  3. Thickness offiber glassbody andbasin of the cooling towers is selectedappropriatelydue toits productionmethod.
  4. Packingsorheat and mass transfer elements of the products are made from high qualityV.C with a thickness of400 and coatings withmedicalgrade ofFDA approval. Their inlet valve sizes are calculated and determined according to the mineral material that exists in the consumption water ( for general usage we offer size of inlet valve about 12 mm )
  5. Heat transferelementsareproduced ina variety offormswithvery highheat transfer efficiency.
  6. The fan blades that used in products are made by special strong fiber glass and are called Super Blades. These blades are made in air foil sections and hollow blade types (exclusively for Parto Abgardan). These blades have high performance efficiency and beside their light weight, thevolume of airmovedper unitofconsumption power isveryhigh and this property increases thevolume ofdisplaced air, reducing the consumptionofelectricpower and amperein electro motors. Noise levels of these blades are lower than the standard models and the blades life time is more than the same models.
  7. Electro motors are made by VEM or Siemens ( 1 year guarantee ) and with protection class of IP-55 against water and dust and thermal isolation class of F , their electrical performance conditions are :

380 v/50 Hz/3 hp/1400 rpm

  1. Allbolts andgaskets aremade ofhot galvanizedsteel and other supportive metal parts are madeofhot galvanizediron with a thickness of83 .
  2. All pipes and connections are made from high-pressure and high quality P.V.C with thick walls. Water distribution systems (Sprinkler) and moving machinery are made of aluminum alloy.
  3. Floaters that used in towers are made from fine plack with plastic taps that are made in England or they’re diaphragmatic special floaters.
  4. The prestige of companies regards to their various and numerous references in manufacturing and producing of fiber glass cooling towers and Parto Abgardan is in the lead with more than 13000 active and working references in industrial, medicinal and educational centers and residential complex in Iran, more than 2600 products in United States and about 50 product in other countries is undoubtedly the most prestigious.
  5. All of Parto Abgardan’s tower parts have 2 to 5 years warranty (1 year for electromotor) and 10 to 20 years after sale service.
  6. Using special controllers, electric and electronic components to improve system performance and coordination between the cooling towers and other machines in the operating line is an advantage of choice (for a fee) that we offer in this company.

(These parts include Variable Frequency Drive or Inverters, temperature sensors, thermostats, connection parts between Sensors and Inverters and other needed electrical parts.)

  1. The delivery time of our products is very short because of its professional manufacturing methods, special equipments and production machines, systematic production line and a large factory. With the use of these abilities, products are ready and deliverable as soon as possible. (Color choice at the request of the customer)
  2. Performance efficiency is calculated and chosen properly with exclusive software by using water discharge and other thermal conditions that are given by the customers.
  3. The maximum make up water for each tower in given conditions is %0.5 to %1.5 for a cycle.
  4. Special towers are designed and produced by Parto Abgardan in any size and capacity for temperature changing needs of petrochemical units, factories and etc.